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Freezing Your Avocados is a Good Idea

Cut Avocados

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Freezing Your Avocados is a Good Idea

Cut Avocados

Avocados are among the most expensive fruits money can buy, but — hey — you get what you pay for, as they are also among the healthiest, most delicious foods anyone can eat. However, Avocados rot too quickly, meaning a lot of your hard-earned money could go to waste if they’re stored away too long.

Avocados are used in many recipes, and the two most popular varieties are the rough-skinned, nearly black Hass and the green Fuerte. The Hass has a smaller pit and a richer texture than the Fuerte.

To prevent either type from maturing too quickly and become a brown, unpalatable mess, it is actually a good idea to freeze them. British superstore Tesco employs such a strategy, offering packs of nine frozen avocados at its stores.

Based on reactions on social media, shoppers seem to love the idea, and it’s relatively easy for you to freeze your own avocados.

The best method is to puree the fruit in a food processor and mix the result with one tablespoon of lemon or lime juice per avocado to ensure it doesn’t go brown. Place the puree blend in a container of your choice and then store it in the freezer.

Another option is to peel the avocado, cut it into halves, and put them in a Ziploc bag for freezing.

It’s worth noting that the texture of the avocado will change once it defrosts, so you will probably enjoy eating it less than a fresh avocado. However, they’ll work great for making guacamole, spreads and numerous recipes. Have you ever had frozen Avocado yogurt or ice cream? You’re missing out…

Now that you know freezing is a good way to preserve Avocados, you can now stock up on the delicious, nutrient-rich fruit when they are selling for cheap. I know I sure will.

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